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Tour to Chingaza National Park

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1 Day


Chingaza is an authentic wild life refuge in the mountains of Colombia, very close to Bogotá, is a great oportunity to be closer to pristine nature and learn more about the cold andean Páramo ecosystem, an envirnoment that you will find almost exclusively in colombian andes.

There is a big chance for the traveler to have close encounters with endemic wildlife like the spectacled bear, andean deer and andean condor, living in their habitat.

Chingaza is also the main water provider for Bogotá and all its surrounding area, its impressive lakes at more than 13188 feet over sea level are a rare foggy jewel of nature on the high mountain.

 NOTE: This program can be added to a roundtrip as an aditional 1 day tour, or it can be an option on a short stay in Colombia, prices are on U.S. Dollars, described expenses are by person.

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Cost by person

1 person:

  • Breakfast in hotel
  • Trip to Parque Nacional Natural Chingaza
  • Instruction stop at Piedras Gordas
  • Arrival in Monte Redondo
  • Suasie trail trekking
  • Return to visitor center
  • Mountain typical lunch
  • Landscape photography
  • Return to Bogotá
  • Stop in La Calera
  • Arrival to Hotel in Bogotá
  • Dinner at own expense
  • Non specified expenditure